Pen Stand/Brush Holder/Stand: Floral
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Pen Stand/Brush Holder/Stand: Floral

Rs. 300.00

These pen-stands - cutlery holders - brush holders are compatible with anything to carry. These stands are foldable and convenient even for traveling! These are hand-stitched by the women working for NGO: AfterTaste and designs were done by Divita Jain.

About AfterTaste:
Aftertaste's work started with economic empowerment of the women of the
community using art and craft as a medium and enabling the women to earn a dignified livelihood. Subsequently, through the process of skilling the women and generating a livelihood, Aftertaste works with the women and their families continuously, to bring about social change by empowering them with knowledge and exposure to build capacity in the areas of education, healthcare, and financial literacy leading to an improvement of the socio-economic condition of their families.