I am Divita Jain, the founder of ARTBYDIVITA. They say, “every artist, every canvas has a journey of its own” and I couldn't agree more!

My journey started in 2020 just when the worldwide lockdown began and I had to come back to my hometown during the second year of my bachelor’s degree. I ended up graduating sitting in my room at a random hour. Anyways, as soon as I came back home, I started painting and sketching again - something that I loved during my childhood and was a long-lost hobby. I started to record my journey on Instagram under @artbydivita (https://www.instagram.com/artbydivita/?hl=en and built a close-knit community. People started loving my art, they showed support. That was the sign that I needed to portray my art to more people and build an empire! 


Six months down the lane, I started a small shop and had already accomplished 50+ orders within 3 months of launch. With the feedback I received, I realised the true potential of my work.

With the full support of my family and friends, I was able to commit more time and effort. I started setting up my business step-by-step, single-handedly managed all the production, operations, marketing, and everything else.


One year later, I can proudly call this my entrepreneurial venture. I have worked hard, very hard during the whole year to call and make this mine. My whole shop and website updates can be viewed on my second Instagram: @shop_artbydivita (https://www.instagram.com/shop_artbydivita/?hl=en )


When talking about the future, there is definitely a lot in store. I am looking forward to what this journey holds for me. I aim to provide the best-curated products for you all. So, till then you can stay tuned and show some love!