Laptop Skin - Waves
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Laptop Skin - Waves

Rs. 600.00 Rs. 425.00
Stylish Designs for your Laptop!
The skin prevents any scratches or other small damages, plus they’re easy to apply/remove!
These skins are sized at a diagonal of 15.6 inches, which is big enough for any laptop, hence you can use the extra skin for any other device too. The skin is compatible with phones, iPads, tablets, chargers, and printers and is suitable for any other non-porous smooth flat surface like plastic or metal.

Material: Premium Vinyl
Ships within 2 working days.
Size - 16 X 11 inches
NOTE: This product cannot be used for textured laptop surfaces.

HOW TO APPLY: (swipe for the video)
1. Clean the surface properly
2. Place the laptop upside down and trace from all the sides accurately with a pencil/pen.
3. Cut the required skin
4. Peel the cover and stick it on the surface, flatten it out so that there are no bubbles! And, you are done!"